Expect a major evolution for the office sector

As of this past June, the U.S. economy had officially entered a recession, the national unemployment rate stood at 13.3% and the Federal Reserve had taken a conservative stance regarding the pace of recovery. At that time, about 30 million jobs had been lost since the outbreak of COVID-19 in early March. In contrast to […]

International Investments: Japan

Japan, for all of its economic and technological muscle, has been a bit of a dark horse of late when it comes to investing in U.S. commercial real estate. Not that there haven’t been funds flowing from the Land of the Rising Sun into U.S. properties. Groups that included Japanese investors poured more than $2.2 […]

Closings: Main Street real estate remains on shaky ground

Although Wall Street was still experiencing volatility as of this past June, the U.S. financial markets were on their way to recovering their losses after the shock of the COVID-19 outbreak. The prospect of a quick recovery for Main Street businesses, however, was shakier. The fortunes of the so-called “small-cap” commercial-property and mortgage markets — […]