Sizing Up the Times

Operational changes can help a hotel recover, but the timing of a deal is crucial

The winners, losers and unintended consequences of rent control

Rent-control policies tend to be highly politicized. Advocates believe that because rents have significantly risen relative to the earning power of households, the only solution is to regulate how much landlords can raise rents. Opponents believe that any form of rent regulation burdens landlords and discourages new construction, which further constraints housing-supply growth and worsens […]

International Investments: Canada

Our close ally to the north is usually the top foreign source of capital in U.S. commercial real estate deals. The first half of 2019 was no exception. Canadian companies spent an estimated $43.6 billion in the acquisition of 781 properties during the 12-month period through this past June, according to Real Capital Analytics (RCA). […]