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The Power of Sharing

Mortgage originators should tap the operations team to build social media influence

By Niki Nevarez

Most of us dip into social media at least once a day. Some of us are in and out of it all day long. And we are often in it for different reasons. Typically, mortgage originators read, write and share posts as a part of their workday. They look at content as a way to generate opportunities, network, stay connected, learn about the business environment and cultivate their personal brand.

Conversely, mortgage-operations people typically read, share and post in their free time. They look at personal content for pleasure. Few underwriters, processors and other staff look at Facebook or LinkedIn and think, “I wonder what I can do to help my company be more successful?” Isn’t it in their best interest to foster a positive online presence that they are not only proud to be a part of, but also helps keep them employed?

Lets look at it like this: You are a mortgage originator and you are on your preferred social media site. You share a post that you think will support your business model, grow your market exposure and/or entertain your connections. Then you maybe let it go and do nothing.

 Other people in your network post their own ambitious messages. Your post slips down the feed, out of sight. Of course, there is a chance that your target audience was online reading posts, sharing and liking when your post was at the top of the list, but aside from that, your message has likely been lost. What can be done to keep your message from being buried? A lot, actually.

Relevant posts

It’s a numbers game. Your post is only relevant if it is close to the top of the feed. For that reason alone, the more people who like and share your post, the further it will go toward building your professional brand.

You may already be using another service for social media boosts, but think briefly about your loan processor. What would happen if you asked them to check out something noteworthy you shared on LinkedIn or Facebook? If they liked it, and you had similar connections, would that further your business?

It would at least boost the post to their connections that were online at that moment, instead of just the moments following the original post. It also would expose you to their connections. Their friend who is a real estate agent, for example, might want to see your insightful video. Their dog walker might need a loan.

More potential exists if you essentially invite your whole office to stop by and see your post that day. You have now leveraged many coworkers who can boost your post at other times — and among their own personal and professional networks.

Asking your team to like, share or comment also is a great way to help encourage the operations staff to learn about what’s going on in their office. What better way to show them that you are not only walking the walk, but that you are interested in enriching their careers and their lives, too?

There is a strong argument that sharing this information will help optimize the influence on both sides. It’s very possible that if colleagues see you in this professional capacity, they are more likely to get on board with your goals, understand changes in the industry, learn about company goals and also encourage their teammates to do the same.

Build loyalty Setting up your operations staff and teammates to see this information can help grow loyalty to your team by showing them that their opinion, time and future success is important to you. If they are not already active on social media, consider taking time to encourage them to come up with a page that fully represents them as an extension of your team.

It can be a group effort and everyone can offer input for an even better result. Make it a part of your staff loyalty program and earn their respect, all while growing your business. Invest in them and they will invest in you. Here are some ways you can drive home the mutual benefit.

Break down barriers caused by loan-level struggles by showing each person what the mortgage industry as a whole is experiencing. This helps build camaraderie.

Share joint successes and thank-you notes publicly. This helps bring the team together and grows an attitude of gratitude.

Bring the attention of the group to popular motivational posts. This helps keep messaging positive and consistent. Share posts from vendors and relevant connections, like real estate agents. This helps drive awareness of who supports the team from the outside.

Online society

Unfortunately, not everyone is social media savvy. And sometimes you may not want to connect with someone professionally. There are some people who will enjoy your posts and some people who will not care for your personal flavor. Many of the latter group may be outspoken, to say the least.

Chances are you are already connected with someone who does not share your views, or who does not represent your team in a way you approve of. Every individual has their own page, and they like, share and comment on behalf of their own page, not necessarily on behalf of you.

It’s how you react to comments that will define you, and the post can still help to spread exposure in your market. Remember, other people often have different connections than you, and that is one more person who has now had a chance to see your post, even if you don’t like what was said about it. If you still feel that some individuals shouldn’t be sharing, consider asking your company to set a social media policy that will guide individuals to “mind their online manners.”

It also is true that participating in online business can expose individuals to new opportunities. It’s worth planning for and setting the stage is key. Take time to teach every person in the team about the benefits of being an active member of the company’s online society. Investing in them as individuals will help you earn their loyalty. That counts when they’re tempted by the freshly mown and watered green grass next door.

Next level

Bringing your operations team into your marketing plan can expose them to a new world. But it’s a world where not everything people say is positive. Other companies may try and steal your best helpers.

You’ve got to believe that more can go right than wrong. Depending on the size of your staff, and the amount of time you set aside for them to spend on-line benefiting the team, it can greatly expand the effectiveness of your current network. Who knows your business better, or who should? It’s a great way for the operations and sales staff to get on the same page, and to see what’s going on within your marketing strategy, or the mortgage industry as a whole. Liking and sharing company events, announcements and other pieces of information takes only a few moments, in most cases, and spreads the company brand. If you ask for a comment, that takes it to the next level.

Companies that embrace this notion, in addition to any other social media boosts, will create an opportunity where everyone wins. Next time you think about liking, posting, sharing or commenting, think about your processor, loan-officer assistant, underwriter, account manager, or operations manager. What would they think about this post? Reach out to the team. Let them know you are posting and ask them to ring in.


  • Niki Nevarez

    Niki Nevarez is regional vice president of operations of Mountain West Financial Inc. She is an industry veteran with more than 20 years of experience in the leadership and development of both retail and wholesale teams in the mortgage industry. Nevarez has a unique vision that encompasses both operations and sales perspectives with a strong sense of company culture. In her current role, Nevarez is responsible for leading Mountain West’s Orange County/Los Angeles operations team.

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