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Power Up Your Marketing Campaign

Automated communication tools extend your reach while reducing your stress

By Parijat Lamba

Automation has influenced every industry and real estate finance is no different. Whether you are an independent mortgage broker or a loan officer working for a major bank, one of the biggest challenges you face is having solid leads slip through the cracks.

The most essential skill that any successful mortgage originator has is the ability to connect and engage with people. Automation can help you with daily operational tasks while you take care of personal communications and human connections with your clients.

The mortgage business is a very competitive industry where losing clientele is as easy as letting sand slip through your fingers. Mortgage originators are probably aware that they may have a large number of leads that aren’t being followed up with in timely fashion. The problem is that it’s almost impossible for originators to reach every new lead that comes their way.

To overcome this challenge, some originators hire assistants, who take care of administrative tasks such as lead follow-up and tracking, calendar updates, scheduling and database organization. Instead of hiring a new employee for rote tasks such as these, what if you could employ software that automates your entire sales process?

Timely follow-up

With a marketing automation tool, each one of your leads are funneled into an appropriate follow-up sequence, which also includes a reminder for the mortgage originator to attempt a connection with the lead. The marketing automation software also takes care of sending educational emails and text messages to these leads. Other external channels also play a pivotal role for success. Social media platforms are among the most valuable technology tools in the mortgage industry. How do you convert more leads into paying clients with the help of automation? Let’s look at some of the ways with which mortgage originators generate new leads and convert them into closed deals.

When it comes to social media, the possibilities are endless. These platforms are information hubs and anyone can use social media to quickly send any kind of information to their end users. Originators already know the benefits of using these powerful tools.

Manually posting content on social media every day, or even multiple times a day, can be quite a task, however. It consumes a lot of time and can be stressful, which is why mortgage originators turn to automation for social media posting. With the help of automation, you can schedule your posts to be sent at peak hours, so that they get maximum reach and you don’t have to stress about being inconsistent with your posts.

Converting leads

Information is real power in today’s world. This is why customer relationship management (CRM) software is such an important tool for mortgage originators. CRM platforms can integrate with many popular real estate sites and also allow you to create customized web forms.

Mortgage originators use web forms to collect information from their website visitors. They can then use this gathered information to segment leads into various categories for personalized marketing.

Lead scoring is a method that originators use to assess hot leads and rank their possibility of making a purchase. This helps originators understand which prospects are worth additional marketing efforts and which ones shouldn’t be considered for direct marketing.

With this method, originators can identify the prospects that can be most easily converted into paying clients and then proceed with accurate marketing. The mortgage market is a fast-paced business and sending useful information on time is essential in avoiding the risk of losing leads.

Originators often automate their email campaigns in order to reach clients and prospects on time with accurate information. With an email marketing automation tool, originators can customize emails in advance with the help of templates, so that whenever any new information is available, they simply need to insert the specifics and get going with bulk emails.

Text messages are one of the most useful marketing tools at present. Text messages are fast and concise, and they can be delivered accurately and on time. Since they directly reach the prospect’s phone, they have a higher chance of being opened and read. Originators can use text messages to reach their prospects with any new pieces of information, making it easier to convert them into hot leads.

● ● ●

When you have automation by your side, it’s easy to succeed in the mortgage industry. An originator should make constant efforts to reach new leads and talk to them personally in order to understand their needs.

If a lead enters the pipeline, gets segmented and is in some sort of nurture sequence before a phone call is even attempted, this will exponentially increase the chances of lead conversion. Leverage real estate automation to qualify the right leads, nurture them with marketing strategies and quickly convert them into closed deals. ●


  • Parijat Lamba

    Parijat Lamba is a product specialist on the customer management relationship team at Salesmate, a company that automates sales and marketing tasks. Lamba takes immense pleasure in writing about marketing and sales niches, and she’s passionate about helping people understand more about content marketing through her writing. As a focused researcher, she loves writing about new technology and the progress that the corporate world makes every day.

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