Warehouse Loans


Lenders offer warehouse mortgages for a variety of scenarios, such as purchase, acquisition and development, refinance, and cash-out refinance.

Vacant Lot Loans


A loan to buy a vacant lot is a mortgage used to purchase or refinance either an improved or unimproved parcel of land.

Undeveloped Land Loans


Undeveloped land is often purchased by a business-purpose borrower with the intent to develop a commercial real estate asset.

Stated-Income Mortgages


A stated-income mortgage is underwritten with the borrower’s income as the primary factor, but the income is stated and not verified in order to save time and money.

Self Storage/Ministorage Loans


Financing for a self storage facility is a special-purpose type of commercial property loan pertaining to a facility that allows people to keep their personal belongings away from their primary residence.

Self Employed Mortgages


Self employed home loans can come in a variety of flavors. It’s possible for these borrowers to qualify for a conventional or government-backed loan, but it’s increasingly common for self-employed workers to get nonqualified (non-QM) loans.

SBA 7(a) Loan


The federal government’s Small Business Administration (SBA) has a loan guarantee program that supports commercial lending in the US.

Restaurant Loans


Lenders offer mortgages for an array of restaurant scenarios, including start-ups, opening and financing a restaurant, cafés, fast-food franchises, bakeries, specialty restaurants, franchised or branded restaurants, chains and independents.

Residential Second Lien Mortgages


A second mortgage is a loan a borrower takes on a home that people live in, whether it is a primary residence, a vacation home or a rental property.